Don't mss Ron Vaudry - one of Canada and the UK's top comics!  Only £10.00!

The East Laffs!

Captain's log...

STOP PRESS!  Ron Vaudry Tuesday 19th November 2019 - don't miss him!!

East Belfast.  Dateline Tuesday 27th August 2019.  7.30.  A strange phenomenon.  In the shadow of the imposing cranes of Harland and Wolff, general hilarity has broken out.  'General', someone shouts, 'get back in your box immediately!'  This, thankfully, is way below the standard of the jokes on offer at BUDCo's monthly stand up and improv night (except for nights I'm on, obvs).  Bring Your Own wine or beer, we'll supply a glass - hell, we may even throw in some tea and biscuits (at a price).  

Rich Hall, Whoopee Goldberg, Ricky Gervais, Billy Connolly, my friend 'Mad Rab' McGregor - none of these people will be appearing - well, apart from Rab from time to time.  However, those appearing represent the cream of Norn Irish comedy i.e. a bit thick and prone to curdling.  BUDCo's monthly comedy showcase features local stand ups, 'open mic' sessions, short comedy sketches and improv.  Book tickets or pay at the door.  

If you are a stand up or you want to audition to be in the show call Christine on 07921 211075.  She's nice, honestly, seriously... she hasn't bitten anyone for ages and the last person she nipped hard on the arm deserved it...