Chris Darcy, Writer &  Director of 'Border Pole'

Border Pole by Chris Darcy

About the show

Lena Nowakowski is in a pickle.  After her move from Poland, all she wants is to settle in to her new house at Pettigo and get on with her work at the meat factory.  Trouble is, half the house is in NI and half in the Republic of Ireland.  And she's plagued by wazzicks - uppity estate agents, the PSNI, the Guards, the Church (both sides...), her co (non) workers and the local hoods.  BUDCo brings you a night of comedy, song and some very swift costume changes in this premier of Chris Darcy's new play. (Warning: there are some Brexit jokes, well - how could there not be?)

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 Event Details

Thurs 19 Sept 2019

Fri 20 Sept 2019

Sat 21 Sept 2019

Doors Open 7.00 PM

Show from 7:45PM to 10:00PM